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The late 1960's were a great time to tear up and down the village High Street in my metallic blue E-Type Jag pedal car. I would race past my father's sweet shop, The Chocolate Box, with it's yellow plastic roller blind pulled half-way down to stop all the colours on the toys and magazines from fading in the afternoon sunlight. With pedals a blur, and my head down for less wind resistance, dogs and their owners would lurch out of the way as I rattled past in the direction of the Spar shop on the corner. I'd happily spend hours behind the wheel not thinking about anything other than what was for dinner a bit later on.

The future looked bright from behind the steering wheel and who would have thought that 50 odd years later I'd still have that childhood sensibility, or should I say puerility.

I'm delighted to say that my inner child pops out more often than not these days and likes nothing more than creating a new painting, a collage, or taking an arty photo. He hopes you like them too.

“An intriguing selection of artworks. Some of them are a bit crap, but others are actually quite good.”

Grayson Perridge


“His sheer audacity is breathtaking in its scope and reach. Someone really should clip his wings.”

Brian Sowell


“Once distilled, the elemental particles of creativity manifest themselves into pure brilliance. That obviously didn't happen here…"

Andrew Graham-Simpson

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