Collage collection
Queen of Queens
Photographic contact sheet and stamps
Where would we be without our queen? Both of them that is!

I'm not a Royalist, but I am fascinated by images of the queen and I have lots of prints and images of her by various artists to prove it.

I also love a bit of Queen the rock band. Freddy was such an iconic character. I'll never forget being in the crowd at Wembley Stadium at Live Aid in the July of 1985. I have the event programme in my downstairs loo. They literally stole the show. The hairs still stand up on my arms writing this just thinking about it.

I also saw them a year later in 1986, once again at Wembley Stadium, though this time in the mosh pit near the front on their It's a kind of magic tour (I have the original programme somewhere in my loft) with enormous helium-filled band members floating above us. Did I clap my hands to Radio gaga? Oh yes, unforgettable, along with 80,000 other people!
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